Welcome to ModelDetour.com!

ModelDetour.com is a new fashion blog with a difference. It is a family friendly website created to inspire and acknowledge the great work achieved by models in the modeling world. Its core is about learning about the different paths that models have taken to get to where they are now, their experiences that they have had with the industry and the direction that they are headed to. Here, you will be able to discover the different untold stories ranging from aspiring fresh faces attempting to break into the industry to seasoned working professional models. This blog attempts to follow the journeys of the models and let them share their stories and get an insight into issues that may commonly be overlooked.

There are modeling stories in the world waiting to be told. The aim of this site is to create a safe, online space space online  for models to share stories of struggles, hardship and success, talking about real life issues that affect them and inspire people. Where models can share their passion, triumphs, the good times and the bad to give insight into the modeling world. My hope to make this a site where people come to learn, grow, be enriched and inspired, as well as acknowledging the different paths people have taken to pursue their modeling passion.

ModelDetour.com is a blog site that I have been developing by myself, in my own time because I am passionate about modeling. None of the models featured have been compensated, so I thank all the models who have participated in this project from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for taking the time out to share your story on this site and for contributing pictures from your portfolio so we were able to put a face to your powerful words. Meeting the models on this site has been a truly amazing experience. Thank you for letting ModelDetour.com inside each of your modeling journeys.

Do follow us on our journey. If you are a model and would like to be featured on this site, feel free to contact us via our contact page and provide a link to your portfolio to view.

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