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A great big warm welcome to you for visiting ModelDetour.com, a website that I have created to inspire and acknowledge the great work achieve by models in the modeling world. My hope is to meet and mingle with many models and hear where they are at in their modeling journey.

For myself, as a model trying to make something of myself in the mainstream modeling industry, I took a very alternative route. I’ve been a freelance model for many years now trying to build up a portfolio worthy to approach agencies. I even financed a havoc round the world trip to participate in photoshoots with photographers around the world non-stop in the space of a little over a month. That’s an adventurous story for another time, but what I realized as I thought about my story was that I figured that I couldn’t be the only one with a story. There must be a million other modeling stories in the world, because there are certainly a lot of models out there. I thought that it be great if there is a space online that is safe for models to share stories of struggles, hardship and success, talking about real life issues that affect them and inspire people. Wouldn’t that make some kind of difference?


What I am aiming to achieve to create a website where models can share their passion, triumphs, the good times and the bad to give insight of the world of modeling. I also hope to share some of my modeling stories on this website as time goes on, but if you would like a sneak peak you can follow me onĀ my modeling blog. My hope to make this a site where people come to learn, grow, be enriched and inspired, as well as being open to the different paths one can take to pursue their modeling dreams.

This website stems after a life changing return from my trip around the world in 2009 where my eyes opened to the fact thatĀ  I met so many different people and realized that there were a multitude of stories waiting to be heard. Everyone has a piece to contribute to the mosaic of the big picture that we call life. So I hope that you will all be able to contribute to this site in one shape, way or form.

Do feel free to follow us on this journey as there are many routes that can be taken to reach the same destination.

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