The Passion For Modelling

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There’s an ancient proverb by a Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu who said “The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”. I have taken the sage’s advice and have taken it one further. I say that the journey of a top model begins with the passion.

Many people dream of becoming a model for various reasons; wealth, fame, recognition as examples, though not everyone has the ability inherently, or perhaps they actually do have modelling potential but the do not fit the cookie cutter mould that certain types of modelling imposes. Though not every good looking male or female wishes to become a model. However, for those that choose to embark on the journey of a model, it must be a choice fuelled with passion. The reason I state this is that, at the end of the day, without a passion for modelling, most models will fall by the wayside.

In the modelling industry, the amount of desire to be a model will ultimately define your success. Without a fire, your photos will look lack lustre and blank, making them unusable in your model book or in an advertising campaign. Without the drive, you will not impress people at castings and go-sees. Without the determination, a criticism from a casting director or a knock-back from a modelling agency will see you sitting on the bench wondering why you wanted to model in the first place.

The passion for modelling is the difference between fantasy and reality. It is really up to you to decide. On the set of a photo shoot and on the runway, you will be working in environments with people who are passionate for what they do, from the photographer, the make up artists, stylists, designers and other models. This room full of collectively artistic and passionate people creates a synergy where you decide whether or not you wish to partake in the creation of art, or waste the time of these creative geniuses. Having modelling as a passion demonstrates that you are committed and serious about modelling.

The focus towards modelling is a factor that you influence towards your working modelling career. A passionate model is an inspiring model and attracts people who want to work with them and continue to work with them in an ongoing basis. A modelling passion helps make the job fun, but also sets the mindset that modelling is a business, which in turn, contributes the length of your working life as a

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