Introducing Ashtyn Long


Ashtyn Long was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia and moved to Tennessee as a child. He grew up in a small town called Morristown, in East Tennessee that’s approximately an hour east of Knoxville. Pursuing his dream of a career in acting and modeling, he moved to Miami then New York and now Southern California. proudly presents Ashtyn Long!

Name: Ashtyn Long

Age: 24

Height: 5’9

Shoe Size: 8

Chest: 36-38

Waist: 28

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blond

Tattoos: None

Piercings: None

Family Heritage: Polish/Black Irish/English/Native American (Cherokee)

Place of Birth: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Currently Residing In: San Diego

Represented?: I am free agent at the moment… My personal management contract recently ended… Not interested in signing until my move to LA. I wanna make some of my own career decisions for a while but not too long of a while… lol… I’m gonna feel it out and see if I’m even cut out for making wise decisions in this industry… It’s Tricky… I might wanna leave that up to the more experienced people.. lol.

Modeling is just a stepping stone for me really. My true passion is acting. Modeling just sorta came to me first… So i would say its just apart of the path im taking to get to my final destination of my career which will be acting… Full time… 😉

I have mostly been an artistic model up until i moved to New York where i worked with two agencies. One of them being Maxmen Images and the other being Abrams Artist in the city where I did some commercial print work and a few sexy campaigns…

I trained in New york and was also represented by personal management which moved me on towards acting.

I enjoy the finished product of modeling (the pictures). There is a lot of effort put into taking, and into the ideas and concepts of a photo. I enjoy looking and admiring the hard work that everyone put into making the picture the best it could be. Each photo that is picked to be used goes through a process that makes it the best it can be and I love seeing it once its done! ;p

So far the highlight would definitely be the book of me released by David Vance… I can proudly say that i have my own coffee table book of the work i did with David.. it is a beautiful accomplishment and I am very proud… ASHTYN by DAVID VANCE… check the link out on my Facebook!

The lowlights?: The criticism and superficial aspects of the industry definitely are sucky… putting yourself out there to be judged can sometimes be hard but, hey, that’s a choice you choose to make… confidence is key in surviving this kind of career. 😉

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a model working in the mainstream?:

I guess fitting in to the image they have physically. You have to play the part. Presentation is important… you gotta act the part, not just look it.. 😉 That can be difficult.

How do you keep fit?: Honestly… it’s a secret… ;p

What do you like to do when you are not modeling?: The normal stuff I guess. Just live life. Hang out with friends… enjoy the opportunities granted to me at this point in life. I love to travel and see the world.

Any modeling aspirations you want to achieve?: I see myself doing the thing i have always dreamed of, which is acting on film.

Do you any words of advice for new upcoming, aspiring models?: Believe in yourself and be confident in what you have to offer… if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will… 😉 be humble and be sweet… being genuine and sincere can go a long way in this industry believe it or not.

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