Introducing Corey Higgins

Corey Higgins 3 met Corey Higgins when he was training hard to go to LA and shoot. He says “I live for one reason, and that reason is to follow my dreams. My dreams motivate me everyday, with every breath i take”. Here is his story:-
Name: Corey Higgins
Age: 21
Weight: 172
Height: 6′ 1″
Shoe: 12
Chest 40
Waist: 31
Eyes: Hazel/Green
Hair: Dark Brown
Tattoos?: Hebrew for “passion” on the inside of my right bicep.
Family Heritage: My family is a blend of Irish and Cherokee descendants!
I currently live in Dallas, TX, where i was born.. I travel as much as i can, I recently got back from shooting with great photographers in Miami.
I’m currently not represented by any agency, mostly because im in the process of deciding which agency will fit me best. I most definetely want to be represented though!
I try to model as much as i can, i guess you can say it’s part time though. I didn’t quite make enough to fully support myself (though I come close!). When I’m not modeling I work with my father as a lead carpenter in his home remodeling business.
I have been modeling for slightly over a year now, my pictures have been featured in over 50 blogs (I lost count lol) and I’ve been printed in local magazines (Dark Beauty, Man of Austin) and a few calendars which have not been published or named yet, also i will be featured on the cover of photographer David Vance’s new book he is currently working on. I’m in the process of leaning down for DNA magazine, they have expressed when im in the right shape, i will be published in their magazine. My career is just now starting to take off, and I’m expecting many print publications coming soon!
There has been many low points, I’ve received harsh feedback at certain times, and my lack of knowledge and naitivity to the industry has resulted in uncomfortable situations and rejections. I came into the industry entirely on my own, knowing not one person and not knowing what the hell im supposed to do lol… But i try to learn as much as i can and improve myself everyday and follow my heart. Not knowing who to trust is a big issue, for many a person may offer advice that may sound good, but usually is not in my best interest.
The highlight of my career, I can’t say I have reached it yet. There is so much more i want to accomplish!
I want to someday be in every top magazine there is, GQ, Details, Esquire… I want them all! I also have done a few theater plays, and I want to break into TV and movies down the road. Basically, I want to be the next Brad Pitt.
To stay fit I cook all my own meals using very simple and natural foods (eggs, oats, veggies and lean meats) very boring! I run everyday along with working out, swimming, and playing basketball several times a week. I love to sweat and push my body to the limit! I WILL be modeling past ten years, as long as i possibly can.
To upcoming models, the best advice is be passionate! To succeed you must follow your goals and dreams with all your heart. You must be persistent, disciplined beyond belief, humble, and never, ever give up.
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