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Federal agent by day, modeling by night seems like a life of an action superhero but John JR Rahn tells another side of this tale. Here is his story:-

Name: John JR Rahn
Age: 26 years old
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 185lbs
Shoe Size: 13
Chest: 44
Waist: 30
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Bald
Tattoos: I currently have 9 tattoos. (More to come)
Piercing: Had my ears pierced
Family Heritage: Irish and German
Place of birth: Brooklyn, NY
Currently Residing In: Monroe, NY
Represented?: No present representation
For me, right now, modeling is more of a casual thing. I wish it could be a full time gig but I already have a full time job. My career, Federal Agent, doesn’t allow me too much time to do the modeling full time.
I have been trying to get into modeling for about 3 years now. I do not consider myself a “model” as of yet because I have never signed with an agent. That is a goal of mine.
I have participated in a runway/fashion print event in 2007. I was invited to the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association Convention). I was represented by this low key agency and was their fitness model. I participated in Fashion print runway, jeans runway, swimwear runway, and TV/Commercial ad competitions. I was awarded Male Fitness Model of the year (2007) 1st runner up at the end of the weeks competition.
I have also been on national television twice. I was on the TYRA BANKS show two times, that was a pretty cool experience. I got some attention from TYRA (she liked one of my pictures that was shown on the screen when we were talking). That felt good.
What do you enjoy most about modeling?: To be honest it’s the end result. The pictures that the photographers give me at the end of our shoots always seem to inspire me. I look at them and just say to myself, “you can do this!” I work very hard to stay in shape and be fit. I never see what the pictures show when I look in the mirror. The pictures are more of an eye opener. They let me know if I need to work on my physique more. I really just use them as a way to critique myself and make myself/look better. Whenever I show my mother the pictures her response always makes me smile. She seems to be proud of my work. That makes me happy.
When I graduated college in 2007 I started to get into serious shape and stopped partying. I was working 3 part time jobs and was just annoyed that I couldn’t get an actually career even though I had a degree. Some people at my gym started to take notice in my new physique and look. I was always into fitness and loved the look of the models on Men’s health and Men’s Fitness magazines. I wanted to look like them and was working hard to change my body. I was sitting at home one day with my mother and great aunt Sissy. I mentioned to them that I wanted to become a model, “a fitness model.” I will never forget the support I got from both of them and my aunt saying, “Johnny, you’re so handsome. You should be a model!” I went for it.
As of now the highlight of my modeling career was walking out of the IMTA 2007 convention with every award they gave out. I called my house as soon as I walked off the stage with my awards. I could tell my parents were proud and I had surprised my father. My father came to pick me up and his face when he saw me with all the awards was priceless. He was proud and for me that’s what this is all about for me. I want to make the people in my life, who I love, proud of me. There is so much more that I want to accomplish with all of this.
The whole experience has been a low point to be honest. I think every aspiring model wants one thing and one thing only. REPRESENTATION! I am still trying to get legit representation from an Agency. I don’t call myself a model because I haven’t gotten that moment yet. It’s something that keeps me going. I have been on castings and met with several agents. It takes a strong man to get back up after being rejected and kicked while he is down. I’m not going to give up on my goals or myself. In the beginning of this experience I was taken advantage of and spent a lot of money to get photos done. I had to learn from mistakes but it made me a better man.
Well, I feel that each model is going to have their own challenges or mountains to climb. The industry for me has been more of a “put down” than a “pick me up.” In my case the challenges are coming from within. I put a lot of pressure on myself to always be the best. I always want to walk into an agent or a casting and “WOW” them. That being said I never feel like I look good enough, so I just diet or workout or do whatever it takes to make it happen. I walk into these potential jobs with an attitude of, “You can turn me down but you’re never going to forget my name.” It may sound silly that I justify things like that but I know that all these people want is a particular look. It has nothing to do with handsome, gorgeous or sexy. It is what they want to sell. So to answer your question the biggest challenge is to not give up on yourself. It’s not a challenge to go on castings or meet agents. It’s the rejection you face and being alone on the walk back to the train. Its telling your family that, “I didn’t get this one.” It’s looking at your bank statement and seeing $16 dollars and a bus ticket is $18. It’s waking up a 4 am to make a casting and sitting in line for 3 hours to take your shirt off and be told, “Thank you for coming.”  “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
I am a very healthy guy. It’s not a particular training regimen or supplement or anything. It is my lifestyle. I eat 6-8 meals a day; I carry all my food around with me for the most part. I workout 4-5 days a week. I always have time for the gym. It is actually something I have come to love and it is enjoyable. My training and nutrition change with the goals that I set for myself. If I want a mean six pack I take care of my nutrition, hit the weights hard and never stop. If I want to gain more size/muscle I’ll take in more calories and train hard. Keeping fit and being healthy has to become your lifestyle if you really want to be on another level. I want to be on the cover of a magazine. I can’t afford to eat junk and not work out; someone else will take my cover. It’s too competitive to take days off too. Most people think I am crazy. I weigh my food, I measure ingredients, I drink gallons of water. You have to be dedicated in every asset of being healthy. You can’t just workout. It’s a sacrifice but the reward is unreal.
What do you like to do when you are not modeling?: I have a STUD rottweiler puppy. I love hanging out with him, going for walks and playing in the park. It’s fun to just get away from everything and spend quality time with him. He’s like my son. I also like spending time with my friends, although we are all busy guys, I love them like brothers. I also like to just hang out at home, listen to music and relax. I work long weeks so laying around watching sports or movies is a solid weekend for me.
Any modeling goals you want to achieve?: I WANT TO BE THE BEST! I want to achieve every goal that is in my head. I want the body that I see everyday and night and I want to be great.
Do you see yourself continuing to model in the next 5-10 years?: I believe I can model for the next 5-10 years. I know I will only get in better shape and continue to work hard. If I get the opportunity it will definitely happen.
Do you any words of advice for new upcoming, aspiring models?: PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS ~ P.U.S.H.
* Many of life’s failures occur when people give up without realizing how close they are to success.
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