Introducing Jordan Shanks

Jordan Shanks 6 was lucky enough to catch Jordan Shanks while he was working in Korea. Read about his modeling story here:-

Name: Jordan Shanks

Age: 21

Height: 182 cm

Weight 70kg

Shoe: 11

Chest: 38 inches

waist: 30 inches

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Heritage: Croatian/Scottish

Currently Residing: Seoul, Korea

Working: Part Time

Experience: Catalog Campaigns, Runway, Editorial, TV Commercial

What do you enjoy most about modelling?: Get ready for a highly original answer! Never heard a model say this before – landing a job. However what I enjoy just as much is the confidence its brought me. Not from being accepted into agencies, in fact if anything that knocks your confidence around because you are being constantly judged. But through time, and being rejected from casting after casting, people saying you’re not good enough over and over, you either stop caring or you quit. As most people would probably agree, even though no one likes to admit it, being criticised about your appearance probably hits the hardest in terms of verbal insults, so now I find myself a lot more centred when receiving not only censors about my looks but about everything else as well. When I get rejected by a girl (trust me it happens a lot, being a male model does NOT give you the same status in a night club as a female model gets) it really doesn’t effect me at all. So I guess I’m grateful I had the opportunity to be in a n industry where people make remarks about you in front of you rather than behind your back! Yeah! (puts thumbs up, jumps in the air, credits role while ‘your the best’ from karate kid is played).

How did you first get involved in modelling?: Hahahahaha how dodgy is this?! I was on a train and some dude in a trench coat came over and said “I like your look, do you have an agency?” But yeah I did some research, seemed like a reputable agency so I went over to them.

What’s the highlight of your career?: I think landing my first cover, I’ll never forget that feeling. I was wearing Gucci clothes for it and it was shot in a public place in Singapore, normally, when everyone stares at you, you can see what everyone is thinking through their body language girls are thinking “oh what a handsome young man” and guys are thinking “Man I want to beat that guy up, what a douche” and normally because I’m such a wimpy guy I’m literally scared by some of their looks! But this time I was thinking the entire time “HATERZ MAD AT ME, CAUZE MA CLOTHES BE GUCCI!” I don’t know why but my brains voice turned into a black, southern rapper the entire shoot.

The low light?: When I got borderline sexually harrassed by my agent. Hahahaha I was in Malaysia, my agent called me into his apartment, he lived next store, he said “I’ve got some pants for you” dig this – the pants brand was “sexy beach” he said “I want to see them on you” and at that point I thought “well, looks like old Jordan’s going to have all of his innocence lost” so anyway I said ok, I’ll go get changed he said “no get changed here, and they are more comfortable without underwear on” and hahahahaha my response didn’t make sense at all I said “Ok mate! I’ll see you around!” and walked out. Ahhh good times.

Biggest challenge?: I’m the biggest challenge! Me and people like me! I’m takin’ dere jobs! All the seasoned male models who have been doing it for ten years say that now there are waaaaaaaay more models than there were when they first started out. They still get more jobs than I do because they have really established books, know clients etc, however someone like me who doesn’t take it as a profession yeah I’m kind of starving them ah well like the oil companies say “if it’s not me taking their turf someone else would be!” What a justification, good job Jordan I feel better about what I’m doing now.

Fitness routine?: Everyday I get up, I drink spirulena and fish oil then I eat nothing but fruit until 12, there is really good reason for this trust me. I try and keep carbohydrates and proteins separate throughout the day and I pretty much never eat sugary food. Which ever supermodel said it was right “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels girls!” But if you’d like more information on how I diet read Tony Robbins “Unlimited Power” and pay close attention to his dietary chapter I pretty mch live by that. In terms of excersise I go to the gym for an hour a day, four days I do weights and 3 days I do yoga.

What do you like to do when you are not modelling?: I study international politics at university, I study Korean, I research social intelligence, psychology and emotional intelligence to the point that I no longer have friends to be socially and emotionally intelligent with! SUCCESS! (No but seriously I have heaps of friends I swear – 5) I write and research comedy for three hours a day even when I’m on shoots I’m absolutely committed to that figure (ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule? Basically in order to become an expert at something you need to have done it for 10,000 hours) And of coarse human connection is really important, have you ever noticed when you are depressed for no reason? 80% of the time it’s because you haven’t had enough human connection that day, so I try to hang out with friends as much as possible however I’m really scared of dying so I try to make it as constructive as possible by giving us both a project ie talk about something we are both interested in and the synergy of doing that! Wow! Two good chums talking about something that’s really important to them in great depth – highly recommend it.

Aspirations?: YES! This is pretty much my life dream! To be in one of those really pretentious mens cologne ads where the guy it it stares at the camera for like a milisecond and then some really snooty french voice says the name of the cologne! Like this! – GO MATHIAS LAURIDSEN! WHAT A LEGEND!

Do you see yourself continuing in the next 5 – 10 years?: Yeah but probably less and less, its been a great adenture, living in models apartments in foreign lands with a bunch of interesting people, being invited to rich man events in order to make the female models they are trying to have sex with feel comfortable enough to go in the first place, going to castings and being nervous for some reason not at the job but at the other guys that are there and knowing that they’re all thinking the same thing so you pretend you got a text message and busy yourself with that, but yeah I don’t want to end up one of those dudes that are thirty which spent their entire youth partying and having short term adventures and tough they are getting better jobs now, don’t have a family or a home because they are always on the move. Trust me they are sad, unfulfilled men. What up Marc!?!?

Advice: Yes! Be born hot! No just giggles, but as I said before, being a male model is no where near as glamerous as being a female model, when people think of a female model they think of people like Miranda Kerr and Tara Banks, when people think of male models they think about Zoolander, I know I do, THAT’S WHY I GOT IN THE GAME BABY! You get lots of rejections, even the good guys, you don’t get paid as much and there are less jobs for you than for women. This however all turns around after about 26 when you start to look a little older, there are way more jobs for guys then and you start getting paid better. I guess the plus is guys can turn it into a long term career when very few women can. Apart from that, great ego trip, you get to go to a lot of exclusive parties for free, hang around some of the most powerful/seedy men in the world that aren’t interested in you in the slightest however you can still learn a lot from them, you get to travel the world, meet a lot of beautiful people, a lot of intelligent people, a lot of narcissists though, still it’s a really good adventure and it’s a cool subculture to be affiliated with. Also as douchy as this sounds when posing, find a male model you like a lot (I personally like Mathias Lauridsen and Jay Warner, 2008 Hugo boss summer campaign good job boys!)  and when in front of the camera think “what facial expressions would they be making?” then make that facial expression. It works trust me.

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