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With only a few months of experience in the modeling world, Logan Hunt has already appeared in an Undergear editorial campaign and has graced the spreads of OhLaLa Magazine. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has been the talk of the town as the latest find by online blogs. is glad that Logan took the time to share with his story with us here:

Name: Logan Hunt

Age: 23

Height: 6’0

Weight: 160

Shoe size: 10

Chest: 40

Waist: 31

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Brown

Tattoos: none

Piercings: none

Family heritage: Italian, German, Dutch, English

Place of birth: Truckee (Lake Tahoe), USA

Currently residing in: Los Angeles

Represented?: No representation currently but looking

On what working basis do you model?: Freelance at the moment

How long have you been modeling?: 3 months

Logan Hunt 4

What experiences do you have in modeling?: Local runway shows, test shoots, a couple editorials with Undergear and OhLaLa Magazine.

What do you enjoy most about modeling?: Being part of a photo that is considered fashionable and beautiful. Finding the right expression that the photographer loves.

How did you first become interested in modeling?: Local runway shows in San Luis Obispo while attending college. This sparked my interested, and when I graduated I moved to LA soon after to pursue this exciting and challenging career.

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What would you say is the highlight of your modeling experience so far?: Shooting with Undergear. I was flown out to NY for the shoot, which was my first real shoot so far. It was fun, and checking out NY for the first time was bad at all either!

The lowlight of your modeling experience?: Because I’m new, it’s hard to find an agency. I’ve been more focused on building a portfolio, but soon I want to search for a well-established agency and be signed.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a model working in the mainstream?:  I wouldn’t know yet since I’m not mainstream at the moment.

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How do you keep fit?: Exercise EVERY DAY. I run before breakfast, eat very well, and lift weights with more sprints in the evening. I’m active all the time and keep a strict diet schedule. However, I do occasionally enjoy a juicy burger or pizza, with a side of fries… yum.

What do you like to do when you are not modeling?: Go outside. Being from Tahoe, I love hiking. I also enjoy the beach, which spoiled me while attending Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. I like reading but I absolutely love watching movies on the big screen. It was an experience my family and I always did when I was young. Movies have been a huge part of my life!

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Any modeling aspirations you want to achieve?: Be signed by a well-known and respected agency, be in an editorial spread, and be plastered on a billboard!

Do you see yourself continuing to model in the next 5-10 years?: Yes, with acting as well.

Do you any words of advice for new upcoming, aspiring models?: See you at the top!

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