Introducing Scott Ford

Scott Ford 4

LA based model and actor, Scott Ford takes time from his busy schedule of filming and shooting to talk to about his experiences in modeling.

Shooting for DNA magazine and appearing in a pool of modeling blogs, we are grateful that he was able to share his thoughts with us.

Here is Scott Ford:

Name: Scott Ford

Age: 28 years old

Height: 6’0″ +

Weight: 165 lbs.

Shoe size: 11 (US shoe size)

Chest size: 40 Regular

Waist Size: 31″

Pants length: 32″ Inseem

Eye colour: Blue eyes

Hair colour: Dirty Blonde hair

Tattoos: Tattoo’s down my spine & on my left forearm

Piercings: No piercings

Scott Ford 4

Family heritage: Welsh, German, Native American

Place of Birth: Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

Currently residing in: Los Angeles but travel to New York frequently for work.

Represented by: CESD Los Angeles, San Diego Model Management, The Arlook Group, Abrams New York, ORB Models New York, Agency Galetea Chicago, Topco Cape Town, Elite Hong Kong.

What basis do you work as a model?: Full time actor/model – member of SAG

Scott Ford 1

I’ve been modeling for around 3 years; started working in front of the camera to get better ‘head shots’ to market myself as an actor; I love traveling, collaborating with talented photographers, models, designers – love the challenge of telling a story in a single frame… If you’re working with a team you trust, it’s amazing to let yourself live freely in the environment, then seeing the results, especially the ‘bolts’ of lightning that inevitably occur gives you such a feeling of accomplishment because for a moment, you collaborated on something brilliant…

Scott Ford 2

I think of myself as a professional athlete – I make myself go to ‘practice’ every day, work harder & smarter then anyone else in the room or on the field (highly competitive), mix up my workouts (i.e. confuse my body), play sports, fuel my body with good nutrition, water and sleep, and stretch… The athlete who avoids serious injury is the athlete who surpasses most.

Scott Ford 8

Constantly assess my career, representation, and the professional choices I make; I have long term and short term goals which are constantly evolving, keep myself mentally stimulated through life, art, music and experiences/interactions, and don’t try to ‘over plan’ anything – life is an wild & unpredictable ride – keep yourself ready & as PRESENT as you can.

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