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Accomplished fitness/physique model and personal trainer, Tyler Sarry, is currently based in Toronto and Los Angeles. He also won the Model Universe competition in Miami 2009. He loves pushing himself to the limit and create amazing work in the process. Tyler takes a moment from his training to share with his thoughts with This is his story:

Name: Tyler Sarry

Age: 25

Height: 5’10

Weight: 200 Ibs

Shoe size:12

Bust/chest: 43″

Waist: 32″

Eye colour: hazel

Hair colour: brown

Tattoos: None yet

Piercings: Use to have my nipple pierced

Family heritage: English/Greek

Place of birth: Brockville, Ontario Canada

Currently residing in: Toronto & Los Angeles

On what working basis do you model?:  freelance

How long have you been modeling?: 5 years

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What experiences do you have in modeling?: some runway (when I was skinnier lol), fitness magazines

What do you enjoy most about modeling?: Inspiring others and getting paid for working hard at something I love.

How did you first get involved in modeling?: After competing in my first fitness model show, followed by my first photo shoot. Never looked back since then.

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What would you say is the highlight of your modeling career?: Winning Model Universe 2009

Lowlight of your modeling career?: Dieting for a shoot or show and doing extra cardiovascular work (my body-type gains weight easy).

What do you think is the biggest challenge for a model working in the mainstream?: Working consistently, as with anything there will always be inconsistency but you have to have the will and desire to keep pushing.

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How do you keep fit?: I have always trained 5-6 days/week for the past 10 years.  I finally reached a maintenance level not long ago (when you actually become happy with the way you look) as most people want to continuously see changes or get BIGGER but you eventually get to a point that you feel best (for me it’s having fun training and not being overly bulky, while staying defined all year round).

What do you like to do when you are not modeling?:  Read, Play sports, personal training

Any modeling goals you want to achieve?: Get the cover of top fitness magazines

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Do you see yourself continuing to model in the next 5-10 years?: I think as a fitness model, there are more men that are younger in shape then there are men 40+ (not that I’ll be that old anytime soon lol) but if you take care of your body in every aspect I don’t see why longevity in the industry wouldn’t be on your side.

Do you any words of advice for new upcoming, aspiring models?:  Always stay positive and never let others get you down, there will always be someone out there that will have an issue with you.  You just have to be the bigger person and don’t let others opinions turn into your reality as it can happen without realizing it.

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