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Dominique Capraro. Photo taken by Pino Gomes

Introducing Dominique Capraro

With only a few months experience in modeling, Dominique Capraro is off to a great start. Art history student, dancer, Mister Switzerland runner up and already agency signed, this young model takes to time to share his early experiences of modeling with Here is his story:

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The Passion For Modelling

The journey of a top model begins with the passion. For those that choose to embark on the journey of a model, it must be a choice fueled with passion. Without a passion for modelling, most models will fall by the wayside.

Thor Knai 19

Introducing Thor Knai

Welcome everyone to the first model interview for 2011! To start the year off is proud to present an interview with a Nordic god, Thor Knai. Descended from the Vikings, Thor storms through the scene and here is his story:-

Corey Kirk 1

Introducing Corey Kirk has been watching Corey Kirk’s work over the course of the year. When I finally mustered up the courage to ask him to do an interview, I was delighted because he was more than happy too to do it. Here is his story and our last featured model for 2010:-

Eric Bell 1

Introducing Eric Bell

After being discovered right after his 17th birthday on Facebook, Eric Bell has been modeling just over a year. He has already traveled across Asia and NYC, been in numerous magazines, runways shows, and campaigns in Asia. Here is his story:-