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Tyler Sarry 4

Introducing Tyler Sarry

Accomplished fitness/physique model and personal trainer, Tyler Sarry, is currently based in Toronto and Los Angeles. He also won the Model Universe competition in Miami 2009. He loves pushing himself to the limit and create amazing work in the process. Tyler takes a moment from his training to share with his thoughts with ModelDetour.com. This is his story:

Scott Ford 4

Introducing Scott Ford

LA based model and actor, Scott Ford takes time from his busy schedule of filming and shooting to talk to ModelDetour.com about his experiences in modeling. Shooting for DNA magazine and appearing in a pool of modeling blogs, we are grateful that he was able to share his thoughts with us. Here is Scott Ford:

Logan Hunt 4

Introducing Logan Hunt

With only a few months of experience in the modeling world, Logan Hunt has already appeared in an Undergear editorial campaign and has graced the spreads of OhLaLa Magazine. Since moving to Los Angeles, he has been the talk of the town as the latest find by online blogs. ModelDetour.com is glad that Logan took the time to share with his story with us here: